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Our Mission

Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc.'s (COC) mission is to serve minority groups who are economically or physically disadvantaged by promoting and fostering health, strengthening families through education, alleviating poverty and promoting self-sufficiency.

COC works to foster a sense of solidarity and acceptance among ethnic groups, refugees, asylees, new immigrants, abused spouses or partners, and victims of human trafficking regardless of age, race, sex, religion, economic condition or country of origin.


For COC to continue our programs and providing services to our clients, we allocate funds provided through tax-deductible donations from caring individuals such as yourself looking to make a difference in the lives of those who are physically and economically disadvantaged.

Every dollar contributed is highly valued and makes a direct impact on the welfare and lives of those who so desperately need a helping hand.

Thank you to all our supporters. Your contributions help ensure our clients success and our mission into the future.

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The agency achieves it mission by providing legal and social service aid to refugees and asylees who are victims of torture or who are unwilling to return to a country of origin due to persecution or well-founded fear of persecution.

The Executive Director is highly skilled with more than 15 years experience in Immigration Law.  One-hundred percent of COC’s staff is reflective of the population served.  They are experienced, knowledgeable and operates with great efficiency. 

COC partner and collaborate with Federal government, State and local government, U.S. Immigration Services, businesses, social service agencies and healthcare providers to help to the under-served population with immigration law services, social services, translation, employment, and access to healthcare services. COC is helping to promote community development by providing the target population to assimilate in the United States and how to live the American Dream.

Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc. (COC) is a community-based organization that has been in existence since 2001.

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