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Immigration Services

Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc.'s (COC) Immigration Services program is recognized by the OLAP's. Our Executive Director, Amira Salama, is a skilled fully accredited OLAP's representative with more than 19 years of experience in Immigration law. Ms. Salama is an active advocate for asylees, refugees, and human trafficking victims conducting continuous outreach about these populations to the Tampa Bay community.

COC is providing reduced fees on all immigration services including services for asylees, refugees, human trafficking victims, and abused spouses of U.S. Citizens. We assist clients with all of their immigration needs and represent them in front of USCIS or in front of immigration courts. We work to help our clients obtain their necessary legal documents to obtain employment and human service benefits. These services are essential for the client to establish a stable family environment, adjust to their to new communities, and obtain self-sufficiency. 

Services provided:

  • Asylum cases

  • Application for Citizenship

  • Adjustment for Family Reunification

  • Extensions of Visa

  • Employment Authorization

  • Travel Documents

  • Abused Spouse Application (VAWA)

  • Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

  • Human Trafficking Victims Application

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